Suction-Cup Mount Fabric X-Banner

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Suction-Cup Mount Fabric X-Banner AuxYou can imagine how many Product Releases cross my dual independent-and-compartmentalized desks at FixturesCloseUp and Trion. I make it a policy of NOT publishing Product Releases at the one, and do not handle purchases at the other … getting involved only if something truly tickles my fancy. I thought this Suction-Cup-equipped, pop-up, point-of-purchase X-Banner fun enough to feature. Where could you use it? Anywhere with a smooth surface to suction-cup it to. Where will FixturesCloseUp file it? Under SUCTION CUP and FABRIC FIXTURES Index Pages and Pinterest Boards and LABEL AND SIGN HOLDERS and POINT-OF-PURCHASE Category Tags. A fun post, and it saves me work by satisfying several areas of subject matter in one fell swoop. Dying to try one? I normally cannot offer product sources, but you will find a hint in the main photo caption.

EDITORS NOTE: No remuneration is involved in creation of FixturesCloseUp posts. I comment generally on items of retail interest in close-up, and do not publish Product or Press Releases. Still, happy to hear from you if you have a fun fixture.

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