Batteries Hooked Askew on Scan Hooks Main2 If you have a bit of extra space you might try for added visual interest with an unusual product hang and include a bit of negative space. If you doubt effectiveness just compare the visibility of the Energizer® hung normal, and the Eveready® Gold hung askew widely spaced in the last gallery photo below. CLICK the gallery to check all other perspectives and distances. What I would appreciate is a study by someone comparing product density of tight-packed normal display with tight-packed angled display. I bet density similar in the center of full displays, though angled would loose a bit along the edges. Hooks are 2-Piece Straight Entry Scan Hooks which make it easy to arrange any layout you like.

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Eveready® Hung Askew
Pole Axe vs Conduit Tool
Angle the Package to Level the Name
Package Hooked Vertical and Askew
Sports Memorabilia on the Skew
Ice Skates Pirouette on Hooks.”
Purses Hooked Askew
J. Garcia® Necktie Knots Askew

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