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Clothesline Winding Reel Adds Value and Self-Merchandising Capability

Clothes Line Self-Merchandising Overview AuxMore for sales-floor differentiation than actual clothesline use, the blue Winding Reel adds visibility and perceived value to ordinary Clothes Line. This must be the good stuff. But typically I would guess purchasers would consume the entire hank of rope in stringing up the clothes line. Still one could repurpose the Reel for other uses … boating and mounting climbing rope, electrical extension cords, Christmas lights and more. I always need more Reels, so I would positively buy this instead of an un-Reeled Hank of rope. CLICK the thumbnail to see that three rope diameters, cotton vs nylon, and various lengths are offered. Ah for the good old days when my clothes smelled of sun shine and fresh air. Now deed restrictions bar outdoor clothes lines in my subdivision. Deemed an eyesore. Hooks are Plastic Backplate Straight Entry Scan Hooks.

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