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Selling to Smart Dogs Aux“Defi voter chien!” … “Challenge your dog!” barks the box. This Spot® Seek-A-Treat™ point-of-purchase and package proposition anthropomorphizes your dog with its “DOG IQ Puzzle” and plucks at your heart strings and pet pride. I think animals can act very intelligently. But I think this more a case of if you dog can smell the treat, he’s going toy fiddle with the Seek-A-Treat util he gets the treat. But if you think it challenges rather than merely occupies and distracts your dog, God be with you. In any event, smart marketing no matter how smart dogs really are. CLICK the thumbnail for an in situ shot. Oh yeah, the fixture angle is the use of 90º Tip Slatwall Display Hooks. See if your dog is smart enough to get the package off the hook without tearing it off. The 90º Tip is designed to keep merchandise on the hook.

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