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Details are the thing here on FixturesCloseUp. The overall Visual Merchandising here might catch your eye. What caught mine was the Debossed material as backdrop. Raw and rough manufactured surfaces added to the appeal, at least for me. Check with suppliers of architectural grillwork and even industrial perforated metal manufacturers for unusual patterns and textures.

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Debossed Retail Backdrop
Perfed Metal Sea of Holes
Poor Display, Outstanding Fixtures
Ceiling Fans Sold by Loop Hook
Build Your Visual Impact Redirect
Skateboards On Single-Prong Hook
Perforated Shoe Ledge for Shelf-Edge

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Perforated Extender Panel in Metal
Square Perforated Metal, Riveted Hook
Loop Hook for Square Hole
Hook Styles for Square Perfed Metal
Round Faceout Fits Square Hole
Mickey Mouse® Square-Perf Tray

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Ralph Lauren® Denim and Supply
Debossed Retail Backdrop
Iron Pipe Apparel Display
Pipe Fitting as Merchandising Point
Turnbuckle as Design Element
Staging Area in Solid Brass
Tom Ford® Metal Cabinet Staging
Bi-Directional Bug Magnifier
Bi-Directional Watch Magnifier
Forever 21® Brand Permanence
Rivet Detail in Retail
Brass or Bronze Fixtures?
Rebar as Retail Sculpture
Anchor Chain as Retail Fixture.”
Rusty Hooks the Retail Rage
Solid Copper S-Hooks
Copper Tubing as Store Fixture
Pure Copper Store Fixtures
Industrial Chic Iron Pipe Lights
Kee Klamp Frame for Perfed Metal
Kee Klamp® Diving Board In-Store
Grapple In-Store Merchandising System

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