WD-40 Celebrates Made-In-America

WD-40 Celebrates Made-In-America

There is an ebb and flow to both source of manufacture and the marketing thereof. I have lived through several tidal turns from USA-to-Japan, USA-to-Korea, to USA to China. According to trade news, the tide is coming back in with manufacturing returning and promotion like this WD-40 Celebrates Made-In-America, and marketing positioning as tried-and-true American in quality and innovation. One pillar of American offerings surely is iconic WD-40. Here its corrugated pallet point-of-purchase is decked out in graphics that almost turn any day into the 4th of July. CLICK the gallery to see more of Americana in lubrications.

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WD-40 Celebrates Made-In-America
WD-40 Bandolier Strip Merchandiser
Brand War: WD-40® vs 3-In-One®
Removable WD-40 Hang Tabs
WD-40 Display Flattery
WD-40 Lubricants PowerWing Display

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WD-40 Celebrates Made-In-America
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