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IKEA Floor Stand Mattress Protector Bin 3 copyExtrusions of this profile are generally referred to as Extended-Top Label Strip. The bottom portion features a clear window for drop-in, plain paper labeling. The extended Header-like top area is for extra definition, additional stick on labels, or color coding when color extrusions are used. Remember, any drop-in label covers the bottom of the color extrusion, while the extra Header area at the top communicates the color-coding, color categorization, or color branding. Here clean, white label strip matches the gleaming white fixtures storewide, and the Header area enables hole-pouch for hanging. IKEA alternately uses Zip Tie as here, JHM Push Button Loops as seen in the IKEA® Floor Stand Linen Tower.

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FISH-Tip Extended-Top Label Strip
IKEA® Floor-Stand Linen Tower
IKEA® Mattress Protector Floor Bin
Header for FISH-Tip Label Holder

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