Burt's Bees Products Swarm

Burt’s Bees Products Swarm

Burt's Bees Products SwarmBurt’s Bees Products Swarm indeed Give a Burt’s Bees® an Inch … and it will seem they will take a mile. Even since the acquisition by Chlorox®, Burt’s Bees have turned into Marketing and Merchandising Killer Bees. They continue to roll out new point-of-purchase, new retail fixtures, expanded traditional offerings, and new lines. If they are beginning to bug you, maybe you need some of the latest offerings: Burt’s Bees Insect Repellent and Burt’s Bees Bite Relief. Keep watching as Burt may take this two-facing toe-hold and turn it into a full-scale product swarm.

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Half-Height Mobile Display for Off Repellent
Burt’s Bees Products Swarm

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