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Grab a Cart You'll Want One CloseUpThe store beckons beyond, while the sign reminds a cart now will save time and effort carrying treasure as you shop. I have learned through watching my wife. Never, ever, enter a store without shopping cart or browsing bag. And do not allow your wife to enter without either. Because it is you who will have to hike back to get one. CLICK the thumbnail for detailed consideration. For the copywriters among you, where would YOU have put the line breaks in this copy … or is it best left as is. Is an Initial Cap optional? Punctuation, yeah or nay? Remember in advertising, even Point-of-Purchase advertising, you can violate the rules if you know the rules.

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Recycled Shopping Cart
Cart Cup Holder Cuts Caffeine
Cup Holder or Quiver for Grid?
Shopping Cart Flags at IKEA
Shopping Cart Cup Amenity
Second Gen Cart & Cup Holder
Tiny Cart for Short Shopping Lists
Kayak-Sized Shopping Cart
Don’t Bag the Baby Cart Warning
Amenity as Retail Selling Point

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