Straight Entry Slatwire Capable Aisle Invader

Straight Entry Slatwire Capable Aisle Invader

Straight Entry Slatwire Capable Aisle InvaderOne doesn’t often see a straight-entry Slatwire Capable Aisle Invader. This one’s small size made that a possibility here. The two-piece hook adds straight-entry capability, that may sometime be useful in a crowded display environment. A finger-grip slides on the vertical plate front wire to grip whatever signage you choose. The balance of the fixtures are inexpensive All-Wire Flip-Fron Scant Hooks. I don’t really consider these products “Cosmetics” as the sign says, but category definition is not the focus of this post. Maybe the sign and invader arrived without placement instructions or hints.See more Slatwire Capable Aisle Invader in the inset photo.

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