DashWall Slatwall Patterns in Red

DashWall Slatwall Patterns in YellowSlatwall need not be totally regular, symmetrical, or even purely horizontal as demonstrated by these DashWall® examples from Wind Mill Slatwall®. And they need not be boring flat retail beige either as further demonstrated by the vignetted shades in use here. Again I step slightly beyond my mission documenting FixturesCloseUp seen personally in retail. But I think you’ll agree the transgression worth it. These images supplied by the manufacturer at my request. If you are using custom panels like this in your store, please send a photo and share your creativity with others. CLICK the thumbnail for a color and pattern alternative.

EDITORS NOTE: No remuneration was involved in creation of these posts. I am just trying to cover the broadest range of fixture uses I can find, in this case, regardless of source. I do not publish Product Releases directly, but if you have an off the wall (or off the Slatwall) fixture use in retail, my 100,000+ annual visitors might be interested. Fire off an email to me.

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