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Image Courtesy of FFR and POPON.net

FFR Shelf Edge Magnifier

Image Courtesy of FFR and POPON.net

While I’m not sure that a 3x magnifier at the shelf edge will directly correlate with 3x more sales, it’s a shopping tool an important segment of shoppers might appreciate. Who? The elderly and infirm like me. I may dress cool when out and about, but that’s just because I have to keep my younger wife happy. Not an easy task for an old fart. For now I get her to read the medication fine print, but when shopping on my own, what would I do? Many thanks to FFR Merchandising for this photo that emphasizes the use aspect of magnifiers at shelf edge, and cites an actual 3 power magnification spec with their offering. That was a critical detail I was not aware of. CLICK the thumbnail for an overview of the item. Then see other examples of outfitting and use below.

EDITORS NOTE: No remuneration was involved in this post. Rather than a “feature” FFR celebrated the “benefit” in a recent trade communique on POPON.net. “Sell the sizzle not the steak” is the famous advertising axiom.

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