10 Commandments of Typography English font-infography

Infographics Courtesy of Evan Brown and DesignMantic

10 Commandments of Typography Spanish font-infography

Infographic In Spanish

I found these typography Infographics by Evan Brown good primers and advice generally. Of course you must “Know the rules well, so you can break them effectively” (Dalai Lama XIV) … and not create a visual catastrophe in the process. Due to an increasingly multilingual retail world, the infographic is available in English (above) and Spanish (at right). See the original post on the FreePort Press at “The 10 Commandments of Typography.” Then return for other font style, size, color and design tips below. Of the typefaces “dammed” by the 10th commandment, a Papyrus-like style is used for storewide signage by a famous retail chain (See “Hearty Thank You Decks the Halls“). Again a case of knowing the rule in order to effectively violate the rule.

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