The color and complex geometry of this point-of-purchase display make it fully capable of eye-catching Window Dressing as here. But what appears simple from the front, is revealed to be intricate and amazingly Byzantine from the rear. Obviously Rocket Scientists not immediately employed by NASA, have found ways to devote their considerable intelligence to launching 1MX and Express® promotions like this in retail. CLICK the thumbnail for a look at the infrastructure behind the display. Then see a series of Louis Vuitton windows that may have been some of the inspiration.

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Vuitton: Summer Snowflake
Vuitton: Shirts Squared Away
Vuitton: Not For Stuffed Shirts
Vuitton By Invitation Only
Louis Vuitton November Windows

For non-Vuitton geometry try…
Earth Day Window Dressing in Cork
Watch Display as Triptych
Vuitton® as Interpreted by Express®” (This Post)

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