Sausage Sign Stands Overview

Sausage Sign Stand CloseupMy father was a Meat Man, but due to neighborhood ethnicities I am only versed in Polish and Italian sausage varieties. These signs help me expand my knowledge, but how about adding a few quick lines on the tastes, seasonings, and preparation differences of these unknown varieties. I’m not sure I ever met a Hungarian, and isn’t Andouille a Carribean Island or some such? The Sign Stands are simple wire coils powder coated Black. CLICK the thumbnail for a one-up view.

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Coil Clip Sign as Cheese Wedge
Sign Stand With Coil Clips
Sign Stands for Sausage
Sophisticated But Simple Signing
Stainless Steel Alligator Clip
How To Make A Small Sign Clip
Designer Sign Clip Self Stands
Lyre-shaped Sign Stand

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