Polarized Point-of-Purchase for Eyewear

Polarized Point-of-Purchase for Eyewear


If you are going to pitch more expensive Polarized sunglasses, you better demonstrate they are better than mere tinted plastic lenses via Polarized Point-of-Purchase for Eyewear. This NuPolar® display does just that as a silent saleman that tempts you to pick up the lenses and see how they cut glare in the lightbox below. Of course the lenses work looking out the window, but this example in miniature works any time day or night, and any weather, cloudy or bright. And with nothing else to do while you wait, the display tempts you to try. See what you’s see in this Polarized Point-of-Purchase for Eyewear in the gallery of images.

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Polarized Point-of-Purchase for Eyewear ” (This Post)
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