Hackett London Image Courtesy of vm-unleased.com

Hackett London Image Courtesy of vm-unleased.com

Since my wife and I don’t get to shop London often (actually only once so far in a lifetime) I have to shop vicariously to get “a bit of the Brit.” This branded stair screen-capture is from a video tour of Hackett’s, London hosted by Tim Radley at VM-unleahed.com. I stole the screen because it added to my embryonic branded stair thread. But how I wish I were there in person to focus, as I am wont, on FixturesCloseUp in the mother-tongue (so shoot me if my last name is Kadysewski). Take a break right now and dash on over for your own “bit of the Brit” and “Take a visual tour through Hacketts Special Place.” Don’t forget to return to FixturesCloseUp though … overstaying your welcome is impolite, even if Londoners are far too civil to tell you straight up.

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