Newspaper Product Migration Lonely Fall From Top

Newspaper Product Migration CloseUpSad to see how the mighty have fallen. I have always enjoyed scanning the wall-full of newspaper headlines at SuperMarkets and Newstands. The experience was all the more varied by West Coast vs East Coast, Liberal vs Conservation, National vs International, with heavyweight names like The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and more. Now I scan the same headlines and mastheads on my smart phone and computer. So I am the cause of this migration of a wall of newspapers, now being relegated to a mere rack in the “corner by the service desk.” Even though a “New Mediablogger and phlogger in my own right with 100,000+ annual visitors and 300,000+ pageviews, I still respect the giants. Having the ability to voice my own “opinion” is good. But having a trusted source for “fact” is more important. So protect your information sources. Read a media giant today … even if only online.

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