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I admit it. I am not a sophistcate and some might even say an actual ignoramus. I love a good Gin and Tonic (I enjoy Hendrick’s Scottish Gin) and an occasional beer. But I will drink either from any container including the bottle or a tin cup. So guidance like this, for glassware and other civilized amenities, is always appreciate by me. By advising me you not only educate me, help me project an air of sophistication, but motivate me to buy the glass and finally try something exotic … like maybe a Gin-based Martini. CLICK the gallery for various views.

For informal in-store guides ideas try…
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Illustrated Chalkboard Pricing
Guy-Girl Sales Segregated
Christmas List Countdown

For Cup, Glass and Stemware Fixtures by Title see…
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Glassware En Masse
Ceiling Carousel for Cups
Glass Mugs Hanging on Hooks
Wine Glasses Vend from Hooks
Swarovski Price Prisms Backlit
Shot Glass in Margaritaville
Shot Glass Rack for Pegboard
Basic Black Shot Glass Rack
Stemware Real Estate Defined.”
Clear Label Strip for Crystal
China on an S-Hook

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