Metailic Finish Scan Lock

ScanLock Pegboard 1 copyI wonder if this was a custom order for Scanning Hook Locks in a metallic finish, for I have only ever seen the Matt Grey lock body in the field. The lock tumbler is always red, a defining brand characteristic of ScanLock®. ScanLock Hooks have the advantage of locking all or only some of the merchandise on the hook, That means that you can leave several items accessible for customer selection up front, while locking and protecting the balance of the stack from “sweeping” or mass theft. CLICK the thumbnail for the stock colors of this security fixture. Too bad this one was locked in place. In metallic, it might be a collectors item or have an attractive resale value on eBay. NOTE: ScanLock® is manufactured by my day-job company, Trion Industies, and while FixturesCloseUp is independent fixture reporting (See the ABOUT page for goals and philosophy), I nevertheless do occasionally cover Trion solutions, particularly if unique like this one. Mea Culpa. See many other locking fixtures in the list below.

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