Flatbread Fixture Challenge Bar-Mount Tray Solution

Flatbread Fixture Challenge Bar-Mount Tray Solution

Flatbread Fixture Challenge Bar-Mount Tray SolutionA true Flatbread Fixture Challenge Bar-Mount Tray Solution in the flesh. The challenge of  flatbread merchandising … LavashTortilla, Naan and others … is that they are just so flat … and too floppy to stand and billboard on their own. Of course, you can always hang with a hook … or try trays, as here, with auto-feed to keep all merchandise forwarded, faced and billboarded for maximum impact. Try the Flatbread Fixture Challenge Bar-Mount Tray Solution thumbnail to see the overall display and note that the bottom is being planned for Open Wire Shelf-top Auto Feed not Bar Trays as used for the upper portion. I wonder what will be stocked there?

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