Robert Graham Sunglass Lampshade Display

Robert Graham Sunglass Lampshade Display


This Robert Graham Sunglass Lampshade Display demonstrates the reduced need for sunglasses of your own if sunglasses are used to shade the lamp itself. And with Robert Graham apparel you do want to accurately see the colors without intervening sunglasses on your face. Robert Graham is a popular venue for fashionista. See the main photo background right for a glimpse of my wife Margarit hunting for selections to gay up or metrosexualize my look. Women. Can’t leave well enough alone. CLICK through the Robert Graham Sunglass Lampshade Display gallery below for successive views of the Sunglass Lamp. PS: Though I give my wife a hard time I am an avid fan of RG style, color and tailoring. And he is almost the only designer who can create plaids I enjoy.


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