Grid In Blue Perspective

Grid Pin-Up Hooks provide the mount for shelves and wall accessories on a Blue Grid display surface. The matching Blue backdrop prevents see-through and sight leaks, while providing a calm color background against which to view various items and merchandise colors. Far less dull and boring than common retail Beige, and trendier but still common retail Grey. Maybe someone should rollout a Blue store theme to differentiate themselves.

Compare directly to other color display surfaces…
Green Grid Hosts Grey All Wire Hook
Beige Hooks, Blue Pegboard
Beige Hooks on Blue Slatwall
Rich Red Design by FAO Schwarz
White Hooks on Vivid Red
Expanded Metal Goes Green
Grid Backdrop for Cookware
Expanded Metal as Display Backing
Pink Plastic Pegboard
Lime Green Pegboard Substitute
1″ and 4″ Orange Grid Combined
FAO Schwarz Flat Hook fits Curve

For Sight Leak Mitigation strategies by Title…
Blue Grid as Display Surface” (This Post)
Dolce & Gabbana Venetian Blind
Red Hook Ensemble
Periscope Multi-Hook for Upright
Expanded Metal as Display Backing
Expanded Metal Goes Green
Oversize Loop Hook on Slot Bar
In-Store Sight Leak Plugged
T-Faceout for Apparel
Grid Backdrop for Cookware
Expanded Metal as Display Surface
Slotted Upright Hosts Slotted Bar
Oversize Loop Hook on Slot Bar
Grid Back for Metro Wire Shelf
Bite Me Invitation to Buy

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