Moleskine Store Navigation on Paper

Moleskine Store Navigation on Paper

Moleskine Store Navigation on PaperHere see Moleskine Store Navigation very appropriately on paper. Yes the store may be small, but every effort is made by Moleskin® to ensure that you know precisely where you are amid the jungle of merchandise and twisted trails of inventoried aisles. Then again maybe some witty customer was testing the writing surface as well as messing with my head. CLICK the Thumbnail if handwriting analysis is your thing, then leave a profile to who the author may be. I like the simple, modern descender on the “y” and the condensed-width, tall capitals. See that the mid-height cross strokes in the “H”, “R” and two “E’s” align. There is more to this Moleskine Store Navigation on Paper lettering than initially meets the eye.

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