Marketing Sisp, 31 Definition of Brand

Favio Martinez, marketing and brand strategist, took a great deal of time and trouble to research and compile various definitions of “Brand.” Many will find the multiple facets of this term and concept of interest. Read his treatise on his Blog “Marketing Sips” at “31 Definitions of Brand.” Then return for practical “Branding” applications in retail and store fixtures below.

For Store Entry Branding examples see…
Store Entrance Branding Pinterest Board” for visuals only.
Store Entrance Branding Index Page” for all resources by Title

Store Entry Branding on Pinterest

For Logo Branded Fixture concepts see…
Logo Branded Fixtures Pinterest Board” for a visual summary.
Logo Branded Fixtures Index Page” for all resources by Title.

Logo Branded Fixtures In Retail on Pinterest Board

For Logo’d and Branded Hook ideas see…
Hooks Logo’d and Branded Pinterest Board“ for a visual summary.
Hooks Logo’d and Branded Index Page” for all resources by Title

Logo Branded Hooks in Retail Pinterest Board for Fixtures Close Up

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