DK Display Group Shadow Ad VMSD March 2014 Detail Main

Images Courtesy of DK Display Group and VMSD March 2014 Issue

Global Visual Group VMAS March 2014 Detail Aux

Images Courtesy of Global Visual Group and VMSD March 2014 Issue

I pride myself on original content (mostly) for FixturesCloseUp. But here advertising from VMSD March 2014 falls at the sophisticated extreme end of my Open Wireform Figures threads. How can I not point it out to you and add it to my fixture research offerings, if only for the sake of completeness? Please know that no remuneration was involved in offering this post. And reprint of the ads below is for your convenience in locating the source or see them direct at DK Display Group and Global Visual Group. I have not seen these in retail yet. Let us all know if you roll them out in your store, and maybe FixturesCloseUp readers will schedule a bus trip to see. BYOB please.

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