BBC News - Linking to free web content is legal, says EU Court

Image Courtesy of BBC News

Almost all of FixturesCloseUp posts are original, and written by me personally about retail fixtures and outfitting I see personally in the field. Occasionally I link to other’s posts on Pinterest, submissions to me, or trade magazine articles. FixturesCloseUp never accepts remuneration for any commentary or post regardless of source. I always extensively cite and backlink to sources, so  I have never worried about linking to already published materials. But maybe I should have. I do not know the absolute legal status in the USA but the European Union has begun to lay its own legal groundwork on the issue. Linking to free, published web content is legal. Plus since I have up to 1,000 visitors a day to FixturesCloseUp, any rebroadcast and backlinking to an existing source actually benefits that site with additional referral traffic. Nevertheless, if for any reason someone prefer not to have FixturesCloseup back link to or promote their site and content, please just let me know. I can easily delete any offending post. For a full read on the topic by BBC News see “Linking to Free Web Content is Legal.”

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