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January 2014 Top FixturesCloseUp Month

January 2014 Yields Highest Monthly Visitors

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January 2014 was another banner month on FixturesCloseUp. At 10,990, monthly visitorship reached its highest ever level. At 29,015, pageviews were the second highest monthly total. Stats for top referrers for the past 30 days (not a direct match in period to the calendar month) show that search engines were the largest source of referrers. Pinterest and Linkedin were second highest. Other sources lagged far, far behind. But some of these stats are a self-fulfilling prophecy. I see uses and value to Twitter, Facebook and such and reach out to those communities, But I devote far more effort to my favored channels of Pinterest and Linkedin. I also estimate that my readership values these channels more, but again that might be self-fulfilling proficy. I share stats with all readers interested in Social Media, Inbound Marketing, Fixtures Marketing and such in the hope of furthering industry knowledge and communication. Contact to me if you feel I can help or provide insight.

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