There is an immediacy that only chalk and hand lettering can convey. It is informal, inviting, and unconsciously communicates “this notice is new” and “it may not last” so act today. Knife Sharpening is a perfect offer to associate with the William Sonoma® brand. But here is an interesting marketing question. Would it get more results if advertised as a “Free, Professional Knife Sharpening Service While You Wait?” In a day when any of us can easily afford an inexpensive electric knife sharpener, might free professional sharpening actually get us to transport our cutlery across town to Sonoma?

By contrast, would free sharpening of old knives dampen sales for new? Maybe, maybe not. As store professional I’d still like to have an opportunity to comment on the suitability of a households knives, present new concepts, and up-sell, even if the old was still found functional. And what about cross sell opportunities to other cook- and kitchenware to grateful gourmets? Yes, if it were me I’d offer the free professional service. Even I own electric sharpeners, a whetstone and plus a butchers steeling rod. But I’d rather you do a professional job, while I shopped.

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