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More Amazing Scotch Brand AuxIf hard liquor isn’t your thing (see “How to Drink Scotch®”) then 3M Scotch Brand Tape offers many other “loves.” Whether you are into pets, sports or footwear, there is a Scotch Tape dispenser for you. So the marketing proposition is “Dress up your desk with Scotch®” (my tag line for Scotch’s “Amazing” promotional proposition). CLICK the thumbnail for a closer view and see that all offerings are tethered with lanyards as an anti-theft tactic.

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Balloons Lift Merchandise Sales
Steel Cable is Try-Me Tether
How to Drink Scotch®
Fresnel Lens Store Fixture
Selling Sunglasses on a Leash
Coupon Book Anti-Theft Lanyard
More Amazing Scotch®

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Designer Duck Tape Gravity-Feed
Heat Bent Gravity Feed for Duck Tape
Zebra Repair Tape Gravity Feeds
Duck Tape® Your Favorite Sport
Duck Tape® Your Halloween
Self-Merchandised Frogtape®
Precariously Balanced Frogtape®
Silo Spinner for Frogtape®

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