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Consider this Tension Rod Hooked ArrayTension Rod Hooked Array as an alternative means of merchandising. The extensive display allows browsing of sizes and design alternatives upon close inspection. Some of the offerings are private label house brand, so outfitting Tension Rods with hang tabs was planned from the start and not retro-fit to the merchandise. CLICK the gallery to inspect in detail. Hookery is Safety Loop Scan Hooks outfitted with continuos Label Strip across the front. One wonders if a slight downhill slant might make this gravity-feed and self-facing given the weight of the Tension Rods. If you try that. do send me photos.

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Undershelf Shower Rod Rack
Tension Rod Rack in Open Wire
Tension Rod Shelf-Edge Array
Tension Rod Hooked Array
Tension Rod Hang-It
D.I.Y. Shelf Dividers for Color-Coded Corrugated Cartons

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