Tension Rod Merchandising Detail 2

This del-hanging merchandising solution deserved a closer look. This Tensin Rod Hang-It simply and easily clips to each row. The cutout suits both Single-Prong and Safety Loop Hook hanging. CLICK the gallery for Hang-It details. Compare with the Tension Rod merchandising approaches below. Then decide which you might prefer and find more effective.

Directly Compare…
Tension Rod Shelf-Edge Array
Tension Rod Hooked Array
Tension Rod Hang-It” (This Post)
Extension Pole Extender

Contrast with…
D-Ring Shoelace Hanger
Cap Brands and Hangs Product
Removable WD-40 Hang Tabs
WD-40 Display Flattery
Bottle Hung to Merchandise
Tube Hangs and Retails Itself
Hanging Tube Self-Sells
Waterbottles One-Up on Slatwall

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