Fantini Nespresso Flavor Colors

Fantini Nespresso Flavor Colors

Fantini Nespresso Flavor Colors indeed. Fantini® offers their own approach to Italian design as well as a custom RAL Color System matching to suit your decor. How do I know? My wife needed red Fantini® Faucets to match our red Neo-Metro® sink and commode. Things of faucet beauty, they arrived in only 3 months from Fantini. Can’t hurry the design process in Italy. Here Fantini matches the Nespresso® coffee color-codes to demonstrate color flexibility in their Manhattan showroom. Other design distinctions? Fantini aerators can be angled 10º or so in the faucet to smooth water flow and eliminate splash. You get what you pay for with Fantini. Just plan ahead on custom color orders. And while you wait for your custom color, have a Nespresso coffee … or two … or three. CLICK the gallery for various showroom amenity views.

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