$1 Off Grab-N-Go Salad-to-Go indeed. Can’t make “Salad-to-Go” go unless you make it easily seen and selected in retail. One way to billboard and face single-serve impulse items like this Ready Pac® offering is in-the-cooler tray auto-feed. Systems like this are capable of merchandising almost any manner of package: boxes, bags, clamshells, blister paks, gusseted bags, family oaks, theatre oaks, novelties, oversize items and more. Spring tension is customizable for any weight or push strength too. Here self adhesive bib tags take the sale beyond today’s lunch need. Buy 3 or more and get a $1 off. I’d go for that. CLICK the thumbnail for a close look at the merchandising and filtering. Wow, less than 300 calories a Grab ‘N Go bowl? Now I’m doubly motivated to stock up.

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