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FixturesCloseUp Holiday Trends

I try various strategies each Holiday to bolster Fixture readership in the face of the in-store sales focus. But the results are typically the same. While store owners, floor staff and visual merchandisers are busy servicing immediate needs, Fixture research takes a back seat.  It seems that even visual merchandisers pause to gather energy, rather than throws themselves into prep for the next sales season prematurely. Once the Holiday passes, I get my regular surge in attendance and visitors. But against what can the totals and trends be compared? I know of no site that shares its traffic stats but me here on fixtures close up. So if you are in the retail and point-of-purchase fixture biz, compare your holiday trends with mine as a benchmark. Do you see and feel what I do relative to Holiday Traffic? My loyal readers return immediately as you see for Thursday January 2nd and Friday January 3rd. Do yours?  Traffic dips as always for the weekend, then will resume next week. Will yours?

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