Hearty Thank You Decks the Halls

Hearty Thank You Decks the Halls

Hearty Thank You Decks the Halls

You will easily recognize this sponsor of this Hearty Thank You Decks the Halls by the distinctive typeface used in all store signs for ongoing branding. This customer “Thank You” practically fills the exiting wall, and is visible across the length and breadth of the selling floor. Dimensionality, 3D design and dropshadow effects add to the attention compelling nature of the signage. A bow-tied gift box upper left reminds that store goods make great gifts too. Interesting subliminal sales psychology. Oh yes, an in-store gift wrapping station lies directly beneath to help make good on the gifting hint. See the Hearty Thank You Decks the Halls thumbnail for an alternate view. What are your secrets to in-store deck your halls strategies?

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Hearty Thank You Decks the Halls
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