Color-Chit vs Color-Pallet

Color-Chit vs Color-Pallet

Color-Chit vs Color-PalletColor-Chit vs Color-Pallet. Yes, it is absolutely imperative to show color chits of your paint selection to customers. But almost equally important to recommend compatible color pallets. It is proven that customers get confused by too many choices and that sales can even decline because of the uncertainty. Here selected pallets of 4 colors are offered among the hundreds of individual chits. I like the creative die-cut shapes, but might seggest a pallet holder that accepted the standard chit, showing it through a die-cut shaped hole to more economically achieve the effect. But then second-guessing by me is easy once someone talented has pointed the way creatively. CLICK the thumbnail for a closer look at the Pallet holder and die-cut design

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