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If you ever needed a reason to read to FixturesCloseUp, maybe the new total of 3,100 assorted fixture and visual merchandising posts provide an impetus. If you’d like to research fixtures in depth try FixtureCloseUp Index Pages, Categories, Tags and post cross-references. To quickly scan or research visually use FixturesCloseUp Pinterest Boards.

For additional research guidance see “How to Use.” To monitor posts and topics from distance see “How to Follow.” Finally if you monitor the impact of Social Media or the arcane science of Fair Market Valuation of Intellectual Property try FixturesCloseUp “Assets.” Since FixturesCloseUp is personal exercise in “inbound marketing as envisioned by an outbound marketer” you might find interesting trends and insights there. Feel free to contact me if you care to talk about the “biz” … either social media or retail fixtures.

FixturesCloseUp.com by Tony Kadysewski (FixturesCloseUp) on PinterestFor all FixturesCloseUp Pinterest Boards click the thumbnail at right. For an example of one full category of research available through FixturesCloseUp Index Pages try the Hook categories below.

Hooks: 90º Tip Hooks
Hooks: Armored Hooks & Fixtures
Hooks: Attached-Back Hooks
Hooks: Ball-Ends / Ball-Stops
Hooks: Bayonet-Mount Hooks
Hooks: Boxer Hooks
Hooks: Broom Hooks
Hooks: Butterfly Hooks
Hooks: Corrugated Hooks
Hooks: Heavy-Duty Backplates
Hooks: Hook Finials / End Shapes
Hooks: Frame Displayers
Hooks: Grid Hooks
Hooks: Logo’d and Branded
Hooks: Loop Hooks
Hooks: Multi-Hooks / Ganged Hooks
Hooks: Periscope Hooks
Hooks: Pin-Up Hooks
Hooks: Plastic Hooks
Hooks: Plug-in Hooks
Hooks: Ring Hooks
Hooks: S-Hooks
Hooks: Single-Lug Hooks (One-Hole)
Hooks: Single Prong Display Hooks
Hooks: Straight-Entry Hooks
Hooks: T-Hooks
Hooks: Tiny Hooks
Hooks: Twin Hooks
Hooks: Undulating Arm Hooks
Hooks: V-Back Hooks
Hooks: Well-Behaved Hooks

Many other lines of fixture research exist. Explore FixturesCloseUp at your leisure or as needs arise.