I know this Binder Ring is almost too simple. But I post as a reminder that simple sometimes does the trick. Also as a Baseline for comparison to other ideas that may get posted over time. Ignore for now if you like. But one day you might stop by, be reminded of this solution, and press it into quick service for one of your own emergency situations. Not limited to Jeans alone, obviously.

Compare directly to…
Die-Cut Hang Tag by Express
Traditional Hang Tag by Express
Traditional Style as Front Tag
Jean Ring Tag Holder” (This Post)

For Back Tags in Front Tag promotion see…
Zip Tie Hang Tag
Kardashian Curves on an S-Hook
C-Hooks Replace S-Hooks
Back Tags as Point-of-Sale Tool

Contrast with a contrarian concept…
Belt Loop Hangers for Jeans.”

For the superset of all Back Tag resources…
Back Tags Pinterest Board“ for a visual summary.
Back Tags Index Page” for all resources and links

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