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Those familiar with FixturesCloseUp know that I slice, dice and parse posts with CATEGORIES, INDEX PAGES, PINTEREST BOARDS, TAGS and SEARCH-BY-TERM. The result is one of the most comprehensive compilations of retail, merchandising and point of purchase fixtures (in close up) online. For research tips visit “HOW TO USE” via the menus at top. Or browse alphabetic lists of INDEX PAGE topics or PINTEREST visual summaries, also via the menu selections above.

But FixturesCloseUp is also a research resource for Bloggers and those considering social media as an outreach tool. Built by a traditional Out-Bound communicator (Adman), more than 3,000 posts have translated into well over 665,000 In-Bound engagements. Statistics and insights are shared as a resource to all considering this venue to reach other markets or additional followers.

FixturesCloseUp Stats November 2014

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