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Though it may not often come to mind, there are endless patterns of perforated metal display surface, filter screen, and architectural grillwork. Here an ornate radiator cover is envisioned as a jewelry organizer. But why not as in-store merchandiser? And why don’t we seen ornate perforated vertical display surfaces outfitted with display hooks. Download any perforated metal catalog (architectural, filter or otherwise) and see what might work well in retail. Remember that you need a specific perforated metal hooks and their special Backplate Lugs to fit thin-wall perforated metal. And don’t forget to consider Pin-Up Hooks and One-hole (A.K.A. One-Lug Hooks) as possible ways to outfit your new concept. Ask for free samples to test before you buy a truck load of either the perforated metal or the hooks. And thanks to IHeartOrganizing for a good idea that could carry over into retailing.

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