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Interesting to find 3 (or maybe you will call it 2-1/2) anti-theft strategies in the same store, adjacent on the same shelf. And my Fixtures Muse made sure I saw it, by isolating the three offerings with empty shelf space to either side. My first thought was why add a Safer Box to the defenses, particularly when the Safer Box was little larger than the regular package? Next I am particularly critical of anti-theft (and fixture and promotional techniques) that obscure the package face. Not only because the product manufacturer spent boo koo bucks developing and focus group testing it, but consumers actually come to recognize and expect it. So I am left approving of the middle strategy which does not obscure the item offered. Why would you favor on-shelf security instead of Pick Cards? Maybe because you lack well-organized backstock space, can’t afford to divert staff time to Pick Card Product servicing, or have a clientele who like hands on selection and don’t take time to search and retrieve Pick Carded items. I wish I could refer you to studies that compare the techniques and effects on both shrink and pilferage as well as sales. CLICK the gallery for different views.

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3 Anti-Theft Strategies Compared” (This Post)
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