Scan Lock Hook Lock 3D Printed Prototype

Image Courtesy of Trion “Skunk Works” and WikiLeaks

Scan Lock Hook Lock 3D Printed Prototype CloseUp

Image Courtesy of Trion “Skunk Works” and WikiLeaks

Okay, so maybe we’re not quite ready to print Straight-Entry, Flip-Front, Slatwall Scan Hooks as needed in the store, but 3D prototype printing is alive and well in retail fixture design and manufacture. Here is an example of a prototype upgrade ScanLock Hook Lock (monochrome) next to the present version (grey and red), unguarded in my day-job company’s “Skunk Works.” Those design engineers play it pretty close to the vest on new items and upgraded designs. Guess I will have to wait for the Press Release to learn about the new features. CLICK the thumbnail for a slightly better look. Shhhhhh. Top secret whatever the design change. The 3D Prototype even includes a ScanLock® registered trademark up top. Nice attention to detail, even in the prototype.

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