Hot New Fixtures

Images Courtesy of Engineering and Tool and Die Making, Trion Industries

Trion Tool and Die Heat Treating Oven Aux

Images Courtesy of Trion Industries, Inc.

Behind the scenes of the hottest new fixtures for retail and point-of-purchase are operations like this: heat treating of tools and dies to bend, form, taper, cut, round-head and finish metal components. Other prep; die-cutting, perfing and creasing corrugated, or mold creation for extruded or molded plastics, are sight-unseen. So next time your distributor quotes you a 6, 8 or 10 week lead time, think about what the manufacturer needs to do to make even a simple display component. Need it faster? Ask for advice on what may substitute and do the job equally well from stock. Throwing up your hands and dialing an overseas supplier? Don’t forget to factor in the long slow boat ride, and then truck and rail across the US. Best solution? Think well ahead on your permanent and temporary fixtures and point-of-purchase needs. CLICK the thumbnail for a peek inside a heat treating oven itself. Seems to be design work well-suited to the Devil.

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