Wood Cutout Creates C-Channel

Wood Cutout Creates C-Channel

C-Channel (Tag Channel) has been in use so long that an entire industry has grown up providing fixtures and label holders that can mount to that channel. With a host of C-Channel accessories just waiting for use, consider this Wood Cutout Creates C-Channel design that automatically accept these items. Here wood slots are sized to accept C-Channel Label Strip that just pops into place. The advantage of the Strip is that it allows use of drop-in, plain paper labels, and protects the inserts from wear, tear and dirt. Some Label Strip even allow instant use of clip-in Bib and Promo Tags. How’s that for adding to the functionality of you beautiful natural wood displays?  CLICK the gallery below to step through closeup view of how it works. Simple but sweet solution.

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Contrast with round-cornered basket at…

Trouble With Tribbles at WalMart

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C-Channel Tag Channel Pinterest Board on Fixtures Close Up

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