Handicapped Not Blind Triple Sign

Handicapped Not Blind Triple Sign Aux.jpgI admit that the handicapped icon on the door-opener button may be a bit recessive. But these three notices together take on the characteristics of an all-visual shout. The bottom-most blue placard also includes a footnote in Brail in case you didn’t quite get the other messages.  A good effort by the store, but maybe we need to better standardize Handicapped messaging so the size, shape. color, typeface and icon combine to make the communication instantly recognizable even at small scale and from a distance. You know immediately that rectangular white highway signs with black type are trying communicate “Regulatory” information. How about all yellow signs with black type as “Warnings.  And upward pyramid and sideways pennant shapes say “Yeild” and “Passing Restricted” very visually. What system can we better craft for the disabled than increasingly larger  and larger signs???

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