Red Grid Hook Ensemble Main

Red Grid Hooks, with Red Metal Plate Label Holders on Red 1″ Grid Island Display, with ripe, red Strawberries and more in the header signage. Ordinarily you might worry that the minimal profile of the Grid and offerings might become invisible against the backdrop of a visually busy store. But in this case the Red powdercoat carries the day. CLICK through the gallery below for alternate focuses, angles and views.

For Red Fixturing by Title
Red Hook Ensemble” (This Post)
Fire Hydrant Bulk Bin Display
Nesting as Display Strategy
Custom Perfed Gift Card Display
Custom Implementation of Back Labeled Butterfly
Simple Simon, Racks for a Pieman
Super-Duty Endless Basket
Top-Stopped Box Holder Hook
Kee Klamp Frame for Perfed Metal
Slatwall Hooks on Fushia Fabric
Hybrid Perforated Metal Hook
Jagged Serrated Waterfall Hook
Rich Red Design by FAO Schwarz
White Hooks on Vivid Red
Corrugated Hook on a Curve
Euro Slatwall Channel Inserts in Color
Ruby Red Strip Merchandiser
Morse Code Dot-and-Dash Hook Spacing

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