Rest assured this is not the main Plumbers Tape display. Rather it is a savvy cross sell of the material adjacent to other plumbing items, fixtures and faucets. I agree Pipe Thread Seal Tape may not look elegant on All Wire Slatwall Metal Plate Scan Hooks. But in plumbing supply sales, as in real estate location, is everything. Though not well identified, item use is fairly obvious to a plumber or handyman. Even I new what it was in an instant. CLICK the thumbnail for another angle.

For woman’s tape display see…
Shoe Fetish vs Tape Fetish

For hooked spools see…
Carding Ribbon for Display Hook
Ribbon Spools Ride Loop Hook Rails
Single Prong Still Life Redux,”
Single-Prong Still Life
Hooked on Plumber’s Tape

Contrast with Gravity-Feed for tape spools and rolls see…
Duck Tape® Your Favorite Sport
Tyvek Tape Gravity-Feed Wall Rack
Heat Bent Gravity Feed for Duck Tape
Designer Duck Tape Gravity-Feed
Gravity Feed for Ribbon Reels
Zebra Repair Tape Gravity Feeds
Gravity Feed for Masking Tape
Productstop Sloped Not Straight

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