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It is rare to find another with as much of a retail focus as myself, but I simply must share with you the Retail Pinterest Boards of Gerben Walsma. True he is not as tightly focused on the micro scale of things as my FixturesCloseUp. But he does offer some worthy retail threads for those in the profession, particularly grocery. Check it out at Gerben Walsma Retail Pinterest Boards.

For one of my best grocery threads see……
Produce Delivery Gantt Chart
Brand Fire-Branded on Wood
Fresh Farm Produce Chalkboard
How to Handle Product Migration
Floor Graphic Footsteps for Food
Banana Tree on Wheels
No Grazing … You Big Heifer
No Free Taste Tests
Novel Displayer for Novels”
Pail is Tiny Endless Basket Adjunct.”
Candy Sales by the Bucketful
Second Gen Cart & Cup Holder

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