Fruit as Juicer Inducer Store Prop

Fruit as Juicer Inducer Store Prop

If you want to sell the benefit not the feature then this Fruit as Juicer Inducer Store Prop display is a powerful and compelling. For that is the ultimate benefit … the economical conversion of fresh fruits and vegetables to a healthful elixir near instantly. Of course shoppers need not know if these are photo props or fresh if you make them difficult to touch. Photo props will last far longer. But fresh would add greater believability, not violate shopper expectations, and might add a faint fresh fruit aroma to tingle taste buds. Why not work a deal with that supermarket on the outlying Mall pad? They give you fresh fruits for your display. You provide a juicer for their produce department display. Both of you prominently post the name of the other. Win-Win. See more of Fruit as Juicer Inducer Store Prop in the gallery of images.

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